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We're a team of Registered Dietitians who believe in you and will help you achieve your health and nutrition goals while loving everything you eat.

We have specialists on our team that have devoted their life to their nutrition niche. Working with your specialist will help you have the best possible experience. We all share the same missions of helping you achieve your personal goals in a sustainable, positive and no-diet way.

  • Health promotion
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Autoimmune disease management

Lindsay distel
Registered DIETITIAN

  • Sustainable No-Diet weight loss
  • GI health
  • PCOS, hormone management & fertility


  • Women’s health
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Emotional eating

Jess Byran MS, RD, CD

  • Gastroenterology
  • Sustainable weight management
  • Pediatrics

clinical dietitian and clinical RD manager

  • Eating disorders
  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Emotional eating

Genevieve Traversa MS, RD, LDN

  • Eating disorder/ disordered eating healing
  • Certified intuitive eating counselor 

Brittany modell
MS, rd, cdn

Olivia enjoys working with the team behind the scenes to make the client experience the best possible.

Olivia Ban, MHA
BuSIness manager/coo

  • Fostering healthy body image in yourself and/or your children without the focus on weight
  • Breaking patterns of disordered eating

Shira tratner Rd, LDN

Joy is excited to help you get scheduled with the dietitian that is the best fit for you!

Joy Stewart
administrative assistant

Meet Our Team

Sean was able to lose weight without feeling deprived

"HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking to improve their health and achieve their goals! I was able to lose weight without ever feeling deprived of any foods I love. The dietitians are super knowledgeable and catered to my personal needs and schedule." Sean S.

it's not a diet but really a lifestyle

"Honestly love everything about this! The fact that its not a diet but a lifestyle makes you appreciate everything so much more! And it doesn't take away your favorite foods from you either! Definitely recommend" MN L.

Tricia has changed my outlook on what healthy looks like

"Over the past 10 years I have struggled maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. I got caught up in fad diets and crazy workout plans. Tricia has helped me understand I have to look at the whole picture not just what my calorie count is for that day. We focus on nutrition, stress management, exercise, my personal health struggles and balancing my crazy schedule with being a single mom and working a full time job. I have more energy, I can eat a restaurant with confidence, my workout are not as intense but I’m getting better results." Mindy L.

Lindsay helped me to take my life back!

"Lindsay helped me to take my life back! I was referred to No Diet Dietitian by my primary care doctor while I waited for a referral appointment with a gastroenterologist for GI issues. Lindsay helped me find the food triggers for my gut issues.

I can't emphasize enough the quality of life improvement from working with Lindsay. I have my life back again My gut issues/inflammation were impacting so many aspects of my life and body and I didn't even realize how bad it was until I was able to control it."
Suzanne L.

So grateful to have found this team!

"I'm so glad I found them. They are caring and supportive and not once have I felt unheard or disregarded. They are super educated and knowledgeable and don't talk at you, but walk with you through your goals and struggles" Angela L.

Highly Recommend!

"Such a pleasure to work with! Extremely patient and knowledgeable. Adapted to my needs and goals, to make sure they were achievable." Shera L.

Great News. We can help with that.

Here's why!  

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meet Val

I am a Registered Dietitian and the Owner of No Diet Dietitian.  I am here to guide you and help you change your relationship with food, your health, and your body. Our bodies are our one and only vessel. We have the choice to love it, help fight inflammation, keep ourselves healthy and achieve food freedom.


Shawarma plate with all the delicious salads.

in my free time you'll find me

Hiking with my daughter Charlotte and husband or trying out a new recipe.


Bachelors of Science in Dietetics  from McGill university. 

why im a dietitian

One of the main reasons that I am a dietitian is because I have personally had a huge health and wellness transformation and nutrition has greatly improved my life. I love to work with clients to help them feel their best from the inside out! 

Val helped Nora develop a better relationship with her body

“I have been working with Val for several years. She understands that there is more to a happy relationship with food than just educating someone on what to eat. She works tirelessly to provide what you need as an individual to succeed. I would recommend her to all who need a caring, passionate, confederate to help you gain your goals."

meet Lindsay 

I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Health Coach and CrossFit Coach. I take an evidence-based and compassionate approach to help clients achieve their unique performance, recovery, and lifestyle goals.  


I don't discriminate. But if I HAVE to choose, the obvious answer for me is chicken nuggets. 

in my free time you'll find me

Normally, I can be found doing one of four things in 90% of my free time: Cooking, Eating, Playing with my dog,  At the gym/moving my body and exploring movement.


Pennsylvania State University with a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences.

why im a dietitian

I entered the field by accident. I was a music major in college and an athlete. Through my own health trails and trying to figure out how to best optimize my performance, I took my first nutrition class and never looked back. Nutrition counseling is a means for me to help other people find happiness and purpose in their life while crushing their specific goals.

lindsay HELPED eric achieve his goals 

" Lindsay is supportive, positive, and very helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. I have set clear and realistic goals, and Lindsay helps me achieve them! 
I have transformed my body by losing fat and increasing strength, and most importantly I have a better understanding of how to fuel my body.
I highly recommend Lindsay!"

Meet Tricia

I am Registered Dietitian who uses a positive and approachable method to health and wellness. Whether I'm relieving your bloat, reversing your sugar cravings, fueling your workouts, or inspiring your picky-eater, my balanced approach incorporates practical and easy to implement advice that prioritizes your lifestyle and goals.


Dragon sushi roll with a ton of ginger 

in my free time you'll find me

Visiting friends and family, moving around the world with my military husband or out at my favorite sushi spot


Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Dominican University. 

why im a dietitian

At a young age, I saw the impact nutrition had on one of my family members & immediately became invested in how I could help. I quickly started researching and learning as much as I could and was hooked on how important nutrition really is! Fast forward to today, I get to help clients, families, and kids live energetic and healthy lives through that same passion that brought me to nutrition in the first place.

Tricia helped Emily solve her gi issues in a fun and knowledgable Way

"Trish is the best!! She has been helping me with an extremely complicated diet of low FODMAP + veganism, and that's no easy feat. She is the most supportive and helpful specialist I have ever talked to, and really works at my pace. She's helping me manage some GI issues and really takes the time and utmost care in each appointment to listen to me, fully engage and take notes, and really get to know me."

Meet brittany

I help my clients break the cycle of chronic dieting by cultivating a healthy relationship with food and helping them to reconnect their mind and body.  As a self-proclaimed foodie, I want my clients to enjoy food without the guilt or anxiety that is often attached with it.


Brick oven pizza

in my free time you'll find me

Looking at real estate listings on Zillow or street easy


Masters Degree in Nutrition Education and from Columbia University . 

why im a dietitian

I have always had a passion for helping others and a love for food so I was able to find a career that combined both! However, my relationship to food was not always neutral. I struggled with my own patterns of disordered eating and poor body image, which ultimately led me to where I am today. I help clients transform their relationship with food and their body using a Healthy at Every Size and weight-inclusive approach. 

Brittany helped MArlies live without without stress and anxiety around food

"I cannot recommend Brittany highly enough! Her approach to developing a peaceful relationship with food and with your body was such a breath of fresh air after so many years of being bombarded with all sorts of diet propaganda. I loved that Brittany had different goals for me to work on every week, mostly focused on being more curious about my body and my internalized food rules and how to challenge them, and that her approach was firmly rooted in science"

Meet Jess

I have been working in the field of nutrition for over 10 years and has a wide range of experiences. I specialize in helping women overcome years of chronic dieting and the health issues that have been caused because of that, including hormone imbalances, emotional eating, weight management, and gut health. 


I love tomatoes and olives, anything that has both of them

in my free time you'll find me

 I enjoy playing with my two toddlers, cooking, staying active, and reading happy-ending fiction books.


I received my Bachelor's in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University and her Masters of Dietetics from North Dakota State University.


After having my first child in 2018 my life completely changed. I really get how hard it is for moms to take care and prioritize their health and their needs while taking care of their family. After going through her my own health journey after having children I am grateful I can use my nutrition expertise and passion to help my clients take care of their bodies, improve their health and feel their best through individualized counseling.



I use a non-diet, all inclusive, approach to nutrition and health practices in order to help you find food freedom, break the cycle of dieting and learn how you can actually enjoy food again. I focus on the whole person, on all aspects of your health and wellbeing. I will help you find small behavior changes that change the bigger picture


Tacos, all the variation. Chicken  taco is my favorite

in my free time you'll find me

I live on a lake and love kayaking. I also really enjoy watching TV with my husband.

Undergraduate degree in Dietetics from University of Maryland, Masters of Science from University of Rhode Island.


why im a dietitian

After working in sales I realized . I realized I was happy talking with people about nutrition. While volunteering in psychiatric units I realized I wanted to fill in a role that I thought was not being fulfilled by other healthcare providers. I wanted to listen and respond to patients and their nutritional concerns and issues so they can be heard and helped. 

"Genevieve has a common sense approach to food and eating that I have to say, for me, has been transformational. She is easy to talk to and works with me to set clear, attainable goals each week, which I truly appreciate. If you have the opportunity to work with her, jump on it. You won't be disappointed!"

sarah's finally healing her relationship with food

meet shira

I am passionate about helping create a world where my children will be confused when they hear body shaming and diet talk; where body neutrality and joyful healthy living are their norm. I love working with parents to establish the foundations for healthy relationships with food from the start, as well as with adolescents and older adults to help repair their body image and disordered relationship with food. The feeding relationship and dynamic surrounding food in the home often spills over to impact other aspects of the relationships and I feel privileged to help families create stronger, healthier, more positive relationships with food, their bodies, themselves, and each other. 


Ice cream

in my free time you'll find me


I originally wanted to become a dietitian because I've always loved biology and I wanted to combine that with a very people-oriented career.  My favorite thing about being a dietitian at this point is helping people relate to food in a way that brings them joy, and helping them feel "allowed" to enjoy their favorite foods with no guilt or shame. 

"Highly recommend this practice for all your nutritional needs! Do yourself a favor and call the No Diet Dietitian today!"



BS Health and Nutrition Sciences-City University of New York—Brooklyn College

I love making flower arrangements and spending time with friends & family. 

meet olivia

I have a Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration and have worked in healthcare for 10 years. I am fluent in three languages and love to get creative and solve problems at work or during my free time.



in my free time you'll find me

Spend time outdoors with my children, try new recipes or get creative

meet joy

I'm a mom of 3 boys and two little yorkies boys. 


Anything curry, love curry chicken,

in my free time you'll find me

In my free time you can find me at the gym, hiking, with my boys or with my girl friends chatting over drinks and dinner.

let's do this

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