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 Nutrition Counseling 

Our sports dietitians optimize your intake with pre, intra and post workout nutrition that work for your body and sport.

We will work together and tailor a plan to achieve your goals. Most of the athletes we work with see immediate results in only a few sessions. Also, did you know you insurance will likely cover your session?


If you're looking to:

optimize your performance and take your workouts to the next level

support and encouragement from experts 

Someone to help you reach the next level

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Great News. We can help with that.

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Ready to achieve your sports and wellness goals

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You're ready to change your health, improve your performance, love everything you eat and have a custom and sustainable plan that works for you

amanda W always hits her goals and builds on successes

"It’s more than just food, it’s therapy for health and wellness"

I work with Lindsay and she gets me. It’s more than just food, it’s therapy for health and wellness. Our goals are MY goals so I can always hit them and build on successes. This is the place to go if you want sustainable no shame no gimmick health and fitness change! 5 stars 100%.

Hayley T built her confidence around food and nourishing her body

“I work on building better habits and losing weight”

I have been working with Lindsay for a few years now. I work on building better habits and losing weight. She is supportive and has helped me build my confidence around food and nourishing my body.

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