Pre and post partum nutrition

Pregnancy Nutritionists

If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or are postnatal our pregnancy nutritionists can help you work towards your nutrition goals.

Our team of Dietitians will help you work toward your nutrition goals whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing/postpartum

Consuming healthy foods during pregnancy that are abundant in vitamins and minerals aid in the healthy development of the fetus and prevent pregnancy-related complications.

Our Registered Dietitians specialize in pre and post partum nutrition and can help you make small changes that have lasting effects on your health and your developing baby.

Incorporating nutrient-dense foods does not have to be overwhelming or time-consuming.
The registered dietitians at No Diet Dietitian can help you plan meals and snacks to meet your specific needs. Our experts are excited to help you meet your goals and offer genuine support.

If you are struggling to lose weight post partum, we can provide recommendations that are realistic and fit into your busy schedule.


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Gestational Diabetes
Healthy weight gain during prenancy
Weight loss postnatal
Adequate nutrition intake during lactation

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Researchers from Harvard showed that certain vitamins and nutrients were linked to positive effects on fertility. This journey can be stressful and lonely. Our fertility nutritionist experts are here for you.


Our team of registered dietitians considers your food preferences and helps formulate meals and snacks that you will love!

freedom to eat food without excessive weight gain

The experts will provide evidence-based suggestions to help you feel full between meals without leading to weight gain.

Cindy found a partner in her journey

“After our first appointment I left feeling empowered and supported.”

I highly recommend Valerie! Her can do engaging personality is extremely welcoming and motivating! Valerie’s positive energy is contagious!  Valerie listens, partners w/ clients by setting agreed upon goals and also provides food and beverage suggestions that encourage dietary changes resulting in weigh loss along w/ improved health & wellness.

MAggie F has learned about herself and her emotional needs

“Their approach to nutrition is empowering, validating, and healing.”

I have worked with both Valerie and Devon and have absolutely loved my experience!  With them I am learning so much about myself and my body/emotional needs. I have worked with other nutritionists and dietitians in the past with no success, and I think it’s the No Diet approach of working from your inner motivations and psychology outward that creates a much bigger impact. I cannot recommend them enough!

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You struggle with knowing what to eat

You want to feel your best during your pregnancy and achieve a healthier weight postnatal

You need postnatal support with nutrition intake while breastfeeding

You have gestational diabetes or other pregnancy related health conditions

You're ready to change your health, love everything you eat and have a custom and sustainable plan that works for you

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