Meet Megan

I’ve been a registered dietitian for almost 10 years now, but don't let that title fool you, I still love a good chocolate chip cookie, preferably warm out of the oven.

I call myself an “anti-diet dietitian” because I'd rather an individual make peace with food and their bodies, than follow some crazy diet. I firmly believe small, sustainable choices is where lasting change happens. I'm here to come along side you in your health and wellness journey and work as a team towards your goals.


Hardest question ever. I love lots of foods! Do lattes count? I’ll take an iced latte with oat milk and half the syrup, please!

in my free time you'll find me

I’m hanging with my husband and many furry and feathery babies! I also love gardening, being outside, watching movies, and writing! I'm currently publishing a romance fantasy trilogy.


Bowling Green State University Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Graduate Certificate in Food and Nutrition.

why im a dietitian

As a child I struggled with my weight, and in turn, I struggled with chronic dieting. I originally became a dietitian because I thought since I was able to lose weight the healthy way, I could help others do the same. But after years of continuing the yo-yo of restrictive diets, I realized intuitive eating and truly making peace with food and one’s body was the answer to long-lasting health and freedom with food.
I love working with individuals on healing their relationship with food and creating lasting changes they can maintain even when they’re 80-years-old!

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Specializes in:

Disordered Eating, eating disorders

Sustainable weight loss

Sports nutrition

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