Meet Tricia

I am Registered Dietitian who uses a positive and approachable method to health and wellness. Whether I'm relieving your bloat, reversing your sugar cravings, fueling your workouts, or inspiring your picky-eater, my balanced approach incorporates practical and easy to implement advice that prioritizes your lifestyle and individual goals.


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in my free time you'll find me

Visiting friends and family, moving around the world with her military husband or out at her favorite sushi spot.


Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Dominican University. I completed a Dietetic Internship at the University of Michigan Health System

why im a dietitian

At a young age, I saw the impact nutrition had on one of my family members & immediately became invested in how I could help. Whether that be researching online or planning what we were eating at the dinner table as a family - I knew nutrition had a huge impact and I wanted to learn as much as I could. Fast forward to today, I get to help clients, families, and kids live energetic and healthy lives through that same passion that brought me to nutrition in the first place. 

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Specializes in:

Pediatric nutrition

disease management & health promotion

Gastroenterology and gut health

Positive & sustainable approach to health and weight management 

I work with Tricia to set goals both for my nutrition but also for my internalized attitudes toward food and my relationship with it. So far I have been taught new ways to cook and shop that make my life easier and have also been introduced to new foods that are now my go-to's. 

I was recommended to this practice by my older sister and have since recommended my younger sister, so it is definitely a place I think is worthy of a try.

— natalie p.

" I learn how to listen to my body and fuel it for all it needs to do"

Tricia's client experience

"My experience with Trish has been transformative!"

At 27, I learned I have high cholesterol. Being generally fit, I was surprised. My GP suggested a few (obvious) diet and exercise remedies, but the numbers only got worse. After another couple appointments and a second, but equally fruitless, opinion, I asked for a referral to a dietitian.

During my first conversation with Trish, I could tell things were going to be different. She created a judgement-free space and was in no hurry to get to her next client. I got the clear impression that she cared about my success. She gave me applicable, science-backed guidance that felt specific to my situation. Plus, she helped me feel like I could accomplish my goals and gave me new goals to pursue.

In the six months I've used No Diet's services, my diet has shifted in a number of important ways. I've learned the benefits of soluble fiber, high protein, healthy fats, and how to craft a proper breakfast. I now know that many dietary and behavioral norms are myths or half-truths. I am more in control of and confident in my diet. And my cholesterol levels are headed in the right direction for the first time in a year.

I recommend Tricia to anyone looking to feel empowered to make the best food decisions, without having to make unnecessary sacrifices, for their personal needs

- michah hf

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