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I am passionate about helping create a world where my children will be confused when they hear body shaming and diet talk; where body neutrality and joyful healthy living are their norm. I love working with parents to establish the foundations for healthy relationships with food from the start, as well as with adolescents and older adults to help repair their body image and disordered relationship with food. The feeding relationship and dynamic surrounding food in the home often spills over to impact other aspects of the relationships and I feel privileged to help families create stronger, healthier, more positive relationships with food, their bodies, themselves, and each other. 



in my free time you'll find me

Making flower arrangements and spending time with friends and family


BS Health and Nutrition Sciences-City University of New York—Brooklyn College

why im a dietitian

I originally wanted to become a dietitian because I've always loved biology and I wanted to combine that with a very people-oriented career. (That's why I love counseling!) My favorite thing about being a dietitian at this point is helping people relate to food in a way that brings them joy, and helping them feel "allowed" to enjoy their favorite foods with no guilt or shame. 

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Specializes in:

Pediatric nutrition

Family Nutrition

healing our relationship with food

Positive & sustainable approach to health and weight management 

After 50 years of engagement in and brainwashing from toxic, expensive, unhealthy yoyo ‘diet’ culture Shira has changed my life!! I feel I am finally free from all the bad messaging i have introjected from all manner of sources—mother(silenced), culture(silenced), men and peers(silenced). At 60 my life is finally my own. I will let Shira share her methods herself. Thank you, Shira T!!

— J. Hayden

"Shira has changed my life"

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Teach them how to Eat, Feed them for a Lifetime

"We don't have an obesity problem,
We have a feeding problem"- Ellen Satter.
Learn how to feed our families in a less stressful and confident way. 

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