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Hunger satiety Scale

Learning to Navigate our Hunger and Fullness

Hunger can be very stressful (especially when you don't know how to deal with it). One of the first steps of healing our metabolism and becoming an intuitive eater is honoring your hunger and fullness.

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sports nutrition

Maximizing Athletic Performance through Nutrition

Learn how to fuel your body to optimize performance and hit the next PR. 

Everything you need to know about pre-workout and post-workout nutrition to achieve peak performance!

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pediatric nutrition: babies & Toddlers

Teach Them how to Eat, Feed Them for a Lifetime

"We don't have an obesity problem, 
We have a feeding problem"- Ellen Satter.

Learn how to feed our families in a less stressful and confident way. 

Pssttt: This also helps prevent picky eaters!! 

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